Letters to the Editor

Take a deep breath and reread HB 1523

The opponents of religious freedom House Bill 1523 need to take a deep breath and a step back from your protests to really read, evaluate and consider the following definitions:

Involuntary servitude: Involuntariness, a compulsion to act against one's will, and servitude, a compulsion to act against one's will and provide some form of labor for another person, are two essential elements of involuntary servitude.

Extortion: The criminal offense of obtaining money, property or services from a person, entity, individual or institution through coercion. Read: lawsuits!

What do these two have in common with the religious freedom bill? It is not to deny the LGBT community their rights. This law shields these individuals and companies from lawsuits brought on by their refusal to participate in the LGBT activities. If a person or company refuses to provide you with what you want, then go to another person or company, not the court system.

I refer you back to the involuntary servitude and extortion portion of this letter. The LGBT community could use the law to extort goods and/or services from individuals or companies if they refuse to voluntarily provide them, which makes those individuals and companies comply with involuntary servitude or face financial ruin.

What part of the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights grants one group of people more protection than those wanting to comply with their religious beliefs?


Ocean Springs