Letters to the Editor

We're proposing inclusion, not a flag design

There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the All Mississippians Coalition's motivation and intention in redesigning the state flag.

We are a grassroots coalition of concerned Mississippians who promote a flag that will represent all Mississippians in a positive and uplifting way regardless of race, religion or education.

We promote designing a sate flag that will represent a sense of community between all segments of Mississippi society and that would fly over our schools, courthouses and state capitol, representing all Mississippians honorably and hospitably.

We want all citizens to be represented in government facilities that fly a flag symbolic of inclusion, equality and brotherhood. We want a state flag that honors the heritage of every Mississippian equitably and improves the state's image here in the United States and abroad.

The coalition believes that any vote put to the public regarding the flag should be a vote on whether to remove any reference to the Confederacy and not a vote choosing between various flag designs. As long as it does not contain any reference to the Confederacy, the coalition will neither propose a new flag design nor take a position on any proposed design.

In being consistent with both personal liberty and freedom of expression, we continue to support every citizen's right to display the Confederate emblem or the current state flag on their private property.