Letters to the Editor

Best-case scenario: Rubio runs alongside Kasich

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are both unlikable and unelectable, and the Republicans' best-case scenario for the November general election is Marco Rubio running as vice president alongside John Kasich.

Rubio is not running for re-election to the senate and will be out of a political job next year. He could also bring his home state of Florida's electoral votes to the GOP. Along with Kasich's home state of Ohio, which is another key electoral state, a Republican victory in November is almost certain.

In my estimation, Rubio's age and lack of experience make him look like a president-in-waiting -- perhaps in eight years.

By all polls I have seen, Kasich is the only Republican in the race who can beat Hillary Clinton, so I don't see why there is any question who should be nominated at the convention.

Trump or Cruz leading the ticket assures a Democrat in the White House, along with what that would mean for the economy, national defense and the Supreme Court.

If Rubio will run as vice president alongside Kasich and ask his 171 delegates to join Kasich's 141 committed delegates as soon as possible, then the Kasich-Rubio ticket might reach the magic number of 1,237 before the convention.

If not, the ticket will surely be nominated in an open convention.