Letters to the Editor

Don't punish residents during Biloxi's spring break

We want to praise the spring breakers who come to Biloxi, but spring break does put a burden on the residents.

One good example: My teenage son went to pick up his friend at the Surf Style shop on U.S. 90, but the spring breakers had all entrances to the store blocked, so he parked across the street at the Motel 6 and walked across.

He told his friend where he was parked and walked back across the street. He was gone for possibly 10 minutes, but when he got back to his car, it was towed, which cost him $175 to get back.

Where were the police? They were standing in the parking lot watching instead of opening up the store parking lot. Why were the spring breakers' cars not being towed while blocking the entrance to a business?

Yes, he is young and never thought something like this would happen, and maybe he could have asked if he could park there for 10 minutes to pick up his friend, but I think this was pretty sorry of all involved.