Letters to the Editor

As a mother, I thank you

In the midst of the storms in your area April 28, my daughter had a panic attack while driving to work.

The storm was ominous and seemed too much to endure, so she pulled her car into the Chevron on Washington Avenue off of Exit 50 to ride out either the panic attack or the storm itself.

An unknown elderly gentleman noticed her distress and helped to calm her down. He rubbed her hand, told her that his wife gets them all the time and made her breathe with him until she was able to drive again.

I couldn't think of any other way to find this gentleman and thank him for his kind actions. Words cannot express my gratitude for him being there for her in her time of need. What a blessing he was to her -- and must also be to his wife.

Well done! Thank you from the bottom of a mother's heart.