Letters to the Editor

It's time to let the hatred go

It's time to care about the disrespected and dismissed concerns of many Mississippians.

Flags signify sovereignty, but the emblem of a battle flag defeated during the Civil War is imposed upon the sovereign flag of the great state of Mississippi.

What country in its right mind allows the very essence of a defeated battle flag to fly sovereign over any of its states' territories?

After reading "Judge: Battle emblem 'anti-American'" (April 13) in the Sun Herald, one hopes that the just decision will be made to eliminate the Confederate emblem as a state symbol.

Heritage and embedded ancestral pride, sorrow, grief, terror and anguish exist on both halves of the cotton boll -- from the straight back of the owner surveying his cotton field to the stooped back of the slave picking the cotton.

Maybe our beloved state doesn't realize that the presence of the Confederate emblem on our flag unfurls an intimation of subtle subjugation.

May the creator -- whether your name for him is "The Great Spirit," "God," "Allah," "Yahweh," "Jehovah" or another venerable name -- harden our hearts against ethnic, racial and religious hatred so that we may let such hatred go.


Long Beach