Letters to the Editor

HB 1523 ensures GOP's power, despite consequences

I used to think that hateful laws like House Bill 1523 were cynically political, a way for the GOP to win elections.

However, it strikes me now that HB 1523 is less about winning elections than about ensuring GOP establishment power despite the miserable economic and social prospects such power guarantees for most people.

Tea Party candidates like Chris McDaniel are the only threat to the GOP here, and HB 1523 -- which caters to the anger and alienation that drive the Trump vote in the GOP primary -- is an attempt to get ahead of the Tea Party curve.

As with the Jim Crow laws before 1964, such laws help today's impoverished, uneducated and uninsured electorate forget that the GOP can't do anything real to improve the economy or education. And so those voters forget and support the GOP again and again.

To really help them, the good old boys in Jackson and D.C. would have to cross their corporate masters by raising taxes on corporations and the 1 percent, ending the subsidies and tax breaks, etc. How likely is that, do you think?

A federal lawsuit to overturn the hateful, homophobic HB 1523 will get Jackson's attention, but what is needed is a total reboot of our government, politics and society.

Meanwhile our cynical GOP establishment will hold on to power by dividing and conquering, stoking hatred, racism and homophobia.

How does that narrative end, do you think?


Long Beach