Letters to the Editor

My God loves all unconditionally

In response to the April 20 letters concerning House Bill 1523, the new "law":

Thank you, Bill.

I agree that common sense is the best place to start and stop on these issues.

It's pretty simple.

Thank you, Gary, for letting Gov. Bryant know that we are not stupid.

Thank you, Lana, for pointing out that those hypocrites are still out there and you gotta love them.

And finally, thank you, Mike, for giving us your interpretation of the Bible, or what you have understood to be your definition of the male and female from God's point of view. Everyone is entitled to that.

My God, the one that loves me, loves all people, including all colors of people and all shapes, sizes, forms, deforms, any gender or transgender -- well you get it. He loves all unconditionally.