Letters to the Editor

HB 1523 protects Christians from participating in sin

I fully support House Bill 1523 and applaud Gov. Bryant and the legislators that were brave enough to back it. It is a bill designed to protect the rights of Christians from the militant sect of the LGBT.

On April 10, the Sun Herald editorial board said, "We have interviewed a lot of people on the law and no one has been able to cite a single instance on the Coast or in Mississippi where a baker has been threatened with legal action by a same-sex couple, a single instance where a member of the clergy has been threatened, a single instance where the owner of a bathroom has been threatened. And yet, we have this law."

This is akin to saying "There has been no instances of the Zika virus on the Coast, so why take preventative measures?"

There are plenty of bakers, florists, dress makers and fake clergy, so if someone refuses to participate in your homosexual wedding, go down the road and you will surely find someone willing to participate. The LGBT forced this bill on themselves by trying to force honest Christians to participate in their sins.

And to Tony Sheppard: No, Jesus would not discriminate, and he often socialized with sinners, but neither you nor anyone else can point to one instance of him participating in their sins, so no Christian should be forced to either.

This law is not about discrimination but Christians' right to not go against God and participate in sin.


Ocean Springs