Letters to the Editor

God was clear: Don't judge, but be the salt, light

Was the Christ I love besmirched by a Christian brother? Do misguided Christians believe that sexual-based lifestyles are to be embraced?

We're all sinners, and those that have sought forgiveness, accepted Christ and are trying to live a Godly life are at odds with lots of human conduct.

Sinful conduct is now being condoned by society and the media as "uncontrollable." However, we still control how we conduct ourselves and the actions we take.

We're seeing a new religion, a "sexual religion," where worship of sexual tendencies, sexual choices and sexual actions are the only acceptable worship. Those who believe this say that "love wins" and what we do in private is "OK."

I say: Take away sex in these loving relationships and see what's left. If love is left, without the sex, then friendship is what remains. God doesn't see loving relationships as "sinful" but does unnatural sexual conduct.

Jesus said looking at another and desiring a sexual relationship outside the bounds of marriage is a sin. God set the marriage bounds as one man and one woman for life. LGBT marriages may be "legal" but not in God's eyes. Jesus was very clear when forgiving sins. He always said, "Go and sin no more."

If you think that God doesn't see perverted/unnatural sex as sin, then perhaps you misunderstand Christianity. Yes, we're not to judge, but we're to be salt and light in a sinful world.