Letters to the Editor

If hate is a requirement, rethink your religion

Well, I thought we had this talk in the '60s about who could sit at the lunch counter and who couldn't.

Gov. Bryant wasted no time signing House Bill 1523 into law, and I ask why?

It is overreaching legislation for a nonissue. There have been no bakers sued and no ministers forced to take part in a "questionable marriage" in our state.

It is nothing more than a last-ditch attempt to deny one group their rights while protecting another group. If a Muslim chose to deny a Christian services and cite religious freedom, would that fly in this state? I think not.

Despite what this law says, I was very proud to see that mayors Billy Hewes and Andrew "FoFo" Gilich said, "We will not discriminate!" I suspect more mayors and city councils will follow. (Editor's note: Most did.)Even the city of Jackson has declared "No Hate in My State."

As a gay man and a theological scholar, I say shame on anyone who supports such a bill.

If your sincerely held religious belief requires you to hate, then you need to find a new religion. Because hate is contrary with the teachings of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

The lawsuits will soon follow costing the taxpayers millions, and we've already lost three film contracts. Who else will pull out?

Christ left one commandment, so I urge those to read John 13:34 if they've forgotten.