Letters to the Editor

Love is a virtue, not tolerance

Those who think the religious objection law is unnecessary have missed some news and are missing the point.

This law is not about widespread refusal of service; it is about being forced to participate in activities in which people can't -- according to what they believe are eternal, moral truths -- abide.

A couple in Oregon face financial ruin because they would not participate in a same-sex wedding by decorating a cake celebrating the same. In Washington state, a florist is being sued by the state for her refusal to participate. Photographers in other states are being pursued for their refusal to participate.

In many instances, these people were targeted, but they are willing to face humiliation, financial ruin and even prison for their steadfast refusal to give up their religious liberty.

The Sun Herald can stand with whomever it wishes, but I stand with those who have the courage to stand up for their religious freedom against the power of the state.

The dignity of those dealing with same-sex attractions, which can be extremely powerful, must always be respected, even though there is no proof that they are immutable as some claim.

But tolerance is not a virtue; love is.