Letters to the Editor

It is obvious religious freedom is being lost

The state of Mississippi, the most conservative state in the union, right wing, situated in the Baptist Belt, is protesting Phil Bryant's signing of the "religious freedom" bill.

Those against the bill must feel that their Christian pastor should perform marriage ceremonies to homosexual, lesbians and bisexuals while going against their Christian beliefs.

Without the bill, a pastor would have to perform the ceremony for fear of being sued for discrimination.

Isn't this bill made to protect them? I do not call the bill discriminatory; I say the bill gives the American people the right to say no.

I don't think anyone is worried about the drive-through employee refusing to hand someone a hamburger.

I am going to object to hiring a lesbian to baby-sit my 10 year daughter or a homosexual to supervise my son at summer camp.

It is my life, my family and I am not going to be forced by some "politically correct" government.

I really don't care if you are LGBT.

Mainstream media has labeled anyone opposed to same sex marriage a bigot. I am not opposed to same-sex marriage. I am expressing my opinion because I do not believe it is right to force this on some people especially a Christian pastor.

I am not a religious person but it is obvious to me that religious freedom is being lost.

Let's be practical.

Do you really think our governor signed this bill to make it open season on LGBT?