Letters to the Editor

Mother Nature, not man, manipulates climate

The latest diatribe by John Kunellis was published on April 1 under the headline "Here's real data for all the deniers." That "real data" was the revelation that sea levels had risen eight inches since 1880, one inch every 17 years.

A proper rejoinder might be "so what?"

The same comment could be applied to temperature. Surface temps have risen 1 1/2 degrees since 1880, or one hundredth of a degree annually for 136 years. Climate activists call it "global warming."

We hear daily propaganda that CO2 emissions will destroy our planet. CO2 is nature's plant food.

Without it there would be no vegetation, and no life on earth.

It exists in the ratio of 400 parts per million, and is leisurely rising by one part per 100,000 every five years.

Over the last couple of millennia we have survived alternating periods of warming and cooling. Such swings were the result of natural causes.

That's the way weather works. After a warm period that ended in 1940 we had cooling until 1975. Since then we have enjoyed moderate warming, with no significant change for the last 18 years.

The next phase should be a return to cooling.

Kunellis tells us that denial makes thoughtful people boo at the deniers. Thoughtful people usually don't boo.

If John insists on booing, let him do so. He can bray at the moon but nothing will change.

Mother Nature, not man, will manipulate climate change.