Letters to the Editor

Mississippi not the place I used to know

As a former resident of this wonderful state, it now seems Mississippi is not the welcoming place I used to know. The gay community has been dealt a terrible blow under the guise of "religious liberty."

If Christians feel the Supreme Court ruling was a mandate to "abandon their faith," then faith is a pretty flimsy thing. The conscience of a Christian cannot be changed by anyone.

But if your right to discriminate is based on your beliefs, at least in this country, you are not supported by the Constitution.

If Christians believe Muslims have their rights to believe as they choose, then they may continue doing what they're doing, with the blessing of the Christian church. But if Christians believe Muslims and Jews are incorrect in their behavior, then who are Christians to pick and choose.

Choosing to discriminate against gay people is not religious liberty. It is a decision to hate, for bigotry and treating others like second class citizens of this country.

I only hope the people of Mississippi get a chance someday to know what it feel like to be treated the same way. Only then would they understand what Jesus experienced.