Letters to the Editor

Teach children about consequences, or they may suffer

The Sun Herald has been full of news concerning troubled young adults facing severe consequences, and these stories motivated me to write this letter.

Anger, lack of common sense, pranks, defying authority and entitlement are all part of something very sinister seizing students, working youths, lovers and strangers in the name of living in the moment. A moment that will change their lives forever. Some may lose their jobs or lives, and others may be expelled, imprisoned or deemed guilty of felonies and misdemeanors, all of which will have grave consequences on their future lives.

Items that caught my attention:

A young woman started a house fire in a fit of anger and went to prison; campus pranks -- like stealing a flamingo and hanging a noose on an Ole Miss statue -- brought charges that could lead to prison; wrecks and the resulting deaths of young people who defied authority and disregarded seat belt laws; and young adults displaying an extreme lack of responsibility by trying to leave the U.S. and join ISIS.

Prison, expulsion, charges of terrorism and death are all consequences for living in the moment.

John K. Rosemond, a family psychologist and nationally known columnist, put it quite eloquently when he said we have "a surfeit of children who defy authority, are openly disrespectful, argue, have no respect for adult-child boundaries, and are ruled by the tyranny of their undisciplined emotions."

Bottom line: The effects of a moment's "living" may last a lifetime. Parents, teach your children about consequences!