Letters to the Editor

A 'father knows best' lifestyle could turn US around

I beg you to try and follow the Ten Commandments. If we want to save ourselves from our own devices, we must go to the "good book" for guidance.

As a U.S. Navy sailor, I really partied a lot and did the most I could do during the '60s and '70s to destroy myself. During that time, I had a shipmate named Baylor, and he tried to get me to go to church and be a "Bible thumper." I went once with him but couldn't make my 20-year-old self continue.

My father, rest his soul, was deeply involved with a Baptist college in Pensacola and he was so "straight laced" that he gave me goose bumps. He always looked super sharp and had a perfectly tailored life, which he chose to do. He did it and now, at my age, the reasons have finally sunk in.

I believe we should all get back to the '50s-era days of "father knows best" and follow that period's style of upbringing in addition to going to church and living "straight laced."

Is this boring? I know, what fun would this be? Well, God gave us brains, and we should use those brains to our utmost abilities and live righteously.

We can turn our country around and maybe even get Washington, D.C., to pay attention. Well, it's worth a try!


Ocean Springs