Letters to the Editor

Hypocrites canceled Mississippi Picnic in New York

The Mississippi Picnic in New York City was canceled because of the passage of the Mississippi's Religious Accommodation Act and in support of the gay-lesbian lobby.

I guess the "powers that be" in New York have forgotten their pathetic treatment of the inhabitants of Seneca Village in the 1850s and 1860s. It was a village of African Americans who inhabited what is now Central Park. They were portrayed in the press in New York as low-lives, their dwellings removed, and these voiceless inhabitants were forced out to make the best of it on their own to make way for the construction of Central Park.

There is no history of what became of them. Their cemeteries were even destroyed.

Read the whole story: "The Forgotten Ones: The Inhabitants of Seneca Village" by Don Courter and Chelsie Riche.

Don't you love hypocrites?

I'd rather have my picnic in Mississippi any day!