Letters to the Editor

It is time for folks to get a grip, stop name-calling

In the summer of 1981, after a job transfer moved me from Alabama to New Orleans, I, while trying to buy lunch in a po-boy shop on St. Peters Street, was informed (none too politely) by the proprietor that "We don't serve white folks here."

I politely smiled, turned, walked out the door and quickly found another po-boy shop that did serve "white folks." No damage done. I suppose a lot of folks in today's world would criticize me for not calling the police or hiring a lawyer. But I'm not that confrontational, no one was hurt and a more common sense entrepreneur earned a few bucks.

I wonder today: Whatever happened to common sense and a live-and-let-live attitude? Every day I see, read and hear folks being called racists, bigots, homophobes, stupid, etc., all because they believe a person or business has a right to refuse to perform an act they find contrary to their religious beliefs.

I consider myself a fairly Orthodox Christian, but I would not refuse to bake anyone a cake. I certainly would not argue with or sue a Muslim or Jewish baker who refused to bake a "Christian" wedding cake for me.

Would you?

Seems to me it is time for folks to get a grip and settle down a bit. Let's stop all the name-calling and try to understand issues from the other guy's perspective. For sure, one thing we do not need is more legislation for simple common sense issues.