Letters to the Editor

God didn't create homosexuals, transgenders

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth then God said, "Let Us make man in our image, according to Our likeness in the image of God He created him (man); male and female, He created them."

God created each of us male or female. Every cell in our body has either male or female genes, no crossover. God created us male and female for a reason and with purpose: to unite and make more humans and to form a family with a father, mother and children -- the basic unit of human civilization.

There is a spectrum for maleness and femaleness. For males at one end we have the warrior, macho, ultimate fighter type and at the other end we have the sensitive, effeminate, artistic type and everyone in between -- all males, every cell in their body, no changing that.

The female spectrum runs from the Amazon warrior super tomboy on one end to the pretty in pink Barbie tea-party aficionado on the other end -- all female, every cell, no changing that.

No matter what people think, God does not cause or approve of homosexuality and transgenderism. They are sins against God the same but no worse than adultery, fornication, lusting, lying, stealing or coveting.

By saying this I will be branded a "hater" and homophobe by the bullying left LBGT activists and their sympathizers. No problem. I know the truth and it is not my truth, but the truth of the Creator God who made us. There is no changing that either.


Long Beach