Letters to the Editor

Support your children's political beliefs

As a senior, I am taking a circumspect view of our current political situation.

Most of the young folks favor Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, which is their right. They are in favor of all the freebies offered by these candidates and embrace the idea of raising the living standard of those who choose not to work or get educated at the expense of all those who are educated and do work.

I suggest that all seniors with children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren in this camp respect their decision. These seniors who have worked hard all their lives should specify in their will that the inheritances of these children be donated to the Clinton Foundation or some other charity in their name.

This idea should please them as they will be actively participating in equalizing the income of all citizens at their expense. I believe this is a fair analogy. Political correctness and socializing the country is their right, and I am happy to donate to their endeavor.

In reality, there are only two types of people, which include those who are rich and those who want to be rich. There isn't a third class of people who want to be poor.