Letters to the Editor

Relax and stop the name calling

Why must people become combative and testy over global warming? Scientists have been able to determine the Earth has gone through many millions of years of both global warming and global cooling.

There have been ice ages and hot spells throughout history. Volcanic activity and changes in the amount of heat radiated by the sun have had a tremendous effect on the global climate. Particulate matter (dust) in the atmosphere has actually brought on ice ages.

The people who think human activity is causing the latest global warming get angry and call people who do not agree with them "deniers," and they say denier like is it a swear word. Some of them don't realize that without the greenhouse effect, life itself would not be possible on this planet.

A real problem faced by the planet is overpopulation. When the Earth's population reaches about 14 billion people, that's when the real problems will start. I'd also think that people running around blowing themselves up in crowded places and cutting other peoples heads off is a bigger problem than "global warming."

The average person can do very little about the global temperature, so relax and stop calling people "deniers." Then, go to the polls and vote for someone who can do something about America's problems


Long Beach