Letters to the Editor

Here's real climate change data for the deniers

In his "Do your own climate change research" letter on March 27, Mr. Joe Boughton denies man-made climate change.

He opines that most articles "are already in support of man-made climate change." He's right about the majority support for the idea. That support is accurate because more and more, thoughtful citizens are convinced by the overwhelming mountain of well-researched evidence supporting man-made climate change.

Many like Dita McCarthy have had enough of flimsy, unfounded denials. More and more, this is true of editorial boards as well. Denying is dying.

Mr. Boughton cites the dredging of the Mississippi River commerce channel as an explanation for Jefferson Parish "sinking" and concludes that "the water in the parish isn't rising." He says that if you stand on U.S. 90 and look south at the water's level, you should be convinced the water isn't rising.

Fellow readers, that deduction is childishly elementary.

Here's some real data: Global sea levels have risen eight inches (200 mm) since 1880, measured by tidal gages. Satellite data collected since 1993 confirms this finding. The rate of increase is 3.41 mm per year. That's the fastest sea level rise in 3000 years.

You may conclude that this data is unworthy because you don't "buy into government scientists," but that is the kind of denial that makes thoughtful people boo at the deniers.