Letters to the Editor

The people deserve debate between Cruz, Trump

The GOP race for the presidency has taken a turn for the worse with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz arguing in a "he said, he said" style about each other's spouses.

Whether or not Sen. Cruz knew that a so-called "anti-Trump PAC" prepared and ran the ads without his knowledge, I don't know. What I do know is that Sen. Cruz should have first disavowed any and all knowledge of the ads in his response to Donald Trump and then justifiably requested that his wife and family be left out of the political race.

We can only hope that Cruz and Trump will become more presidential in their rhetoric as the public watches them over the next few months.

Cruz has challenged Trump to a head-to-head debate on Fox with Bill O'Reilly as the moderator. The people of our great nation deserve to see the GOP's two main contenders sitting across from each other without the distraction of numerous other candidates, moderators and audiences.

A debate featuring just the two of them would allow the public to decide who has the best vision for our country, temperament for solving problems, knowledge of and solutions for national and international affairs, and which candidate they want to lead our country against the global threat of ISIS.