Letters to the Editor

On the contrary, Mississippi welcomes new voters

In the front-page article titled "I could care less" (March 19), Rep. Karl Oliver from Winona chastised a voter for voicing her concerns.

This gentleman is a Republican, which isn't a bad thing in itself, but there is one-party rule and absolute power in this state. This representative's crudeness and arrogance is just an example of what's to come with one-party rule -- by any party.

Rep. Karl Oliver's views and answer to Ms. Guidry's concerns also speak to companies that have moved businesses and families to our state, as well as those who may be considering it. As demonstrated by the representative's email, it seems as if our state is saying, "We want your business, but if you are not from Mississippi, we could care less what your voter concerns are."

Hopefully, Gov. Bryant, Lt. Gov. Reeves and Speaker Gunn will see that Rep. Oliver's comments are telling outsiders who might move here, pay taxes and become citizens that neither they nor their concerns are welcome.