Letters to the Editor

Do your own climate change research

Dita McCarthy complains that the Sun Herald has to do better in support of man-made climate change and ignore those who don't support it.

Really? I find almost all articles on this subject to already be in support of man-made climate change.

As for a sea level increase in Jefferson Parish, La., this is completely false. The land of Jefferson Parish is part of the Mississippi River Delta, which was formed over tens of thousands of years. When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers channelized the river, all of the silt that normally deposited in the Delta flushed out into the Gulf of Mexico. The land is sinking, but the water isn't rising. That is a real man-made problem.

And since it's "next door," don't you think the sea level would be rising here as well? It is water, and it can't be higher over in Jefferson Parish and lower over here on the Coast! Go to U.S. 90 and look south. The water is not on U.S. 90 or even close to the seawall.

Do your research before buying into government scientists, politicians or comments by Hollywood's actors.