Letters to the Editor

Elected by a majority but responsible for all

In reaction to The Clarion-Ledger's "Mississippi lawmaker to voter: 'I could care less'" article (March 19) by Kate Royals regarding Rep. Karl Oliver's response to Becky Guidry, I offer this observation:

While I doubt Mr. Oliver intended for his response to sound so harsh, it does point out the sometimes-overlooked danger of having a single political party in control of the entire government -- hubris. If they are not careful, the members of the party with a monopoly tend to fall prey to excessive pride and overconfidence, even bordering on arrogance.

When I read that a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives replied to a citizen by saying, "The people of our Great State overwhelmingly share my same or similar views on Government responsibility," and then went on to say he "could care less" about the citizen's views on the same subject, I cringed with dismay.

I would encourage the members of the Republican supermajority in Mississippi to realize that while they were elected by a majority of the voters, their actions affect all the people of the state.

They have a responsibility to thoughtfully and honestly consider the repercussions of proposed legislation on all the citizens of Mississippi, including folks who may not have voted for them.