Letters to the Editor

Lies outrace truth about climate change

Albert Duckett's concoction of Internet myths and disinformation in his "Relax, global warming isn't proven yet" letter (March 18) left me at a loss for words until I remembered the American Association for the Advancement of Science's recent conclusion that man-made climate change is as probable as the link between smoking and lung cancer.

I wonder, would the editors print a letter claiming that we should "relax" because it "isn't proven yet" that cigarettes cause cancer? Mr. Duckett's letter is at least that dangerous.

There's an old saying that goes, "Lies can run halfway around the world before truth can even tie its shoes." Well, in this case, lies about global warming outrace truth.

The same day the Sun Herald printed Mr. Duckett's dubious opinion, NOAA announced that February 2016 surpassed the all-time monthly global temperature record, which was set just two months ago in December 2015.

The Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Native Americans are also fleeing their reservation on Ilse de Jean Charles, having lost 98 percent of their land to sea level rise, erosion and other effects of climate change in the last 60 years. Isle de Jean Charles in only 150 miles from here, and I had to read this story in The Guardian, a British newspaper!

Recent findings in Nature Climate Change stating 295,000 people in Jefferson Parish, La. are at risk from sea level increase. Might Sun Herald readers find this information important, given that Jefferson Parish is practically next door?

Instead of printing these stories -- with the exception of "Beyond record hot, February was 'astronomical' and 'strange'" at Sunherald.com on March 17 -- the editors publish Mr. Duckett's denialism in a Letter to the Editor.

The Sun Herald has to do better.


Long Beach