Letters to the Editor

Be cautious of Trump's unsettling vision for US

I am having a significant problem this presidential election cycle. I do not trust either of the Democratic candidates, but I find the Republican front-runner absolutely frightening.

I see disturbing parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Hitler promised to make Germany great again following the Treaty of Versailles, and Donald Trump is promising to make America great again following years of economic frustration and military embarrassment.

Hitler blamed most of Germany's problems on the Roma -- also known as Gypsies -- and on the Jews. Trump is blaming most of America's problems on Hispanics and on Muslims.

Hitler incited violence among his followers while claiming his words were an attempt to unite the German people. Trump urges his followers to punch opponents in the mouth or to "take them out." Then he claims his rallies are "love fests" and blames other candidates' followers for inciting the assaults, and he is now talking about rioting if he is not handed the Republican nomination.

Perhaps my concerns are an overreaction, but I lived in the Philippines when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, closed congress, disbanded the supreme court and became a corrupt, power-hungry dictator. The thought of Trump doing that here is, to put it mildly, unsettling.

And yes, it can happen here.


Long Beach