Letters to the Editor

DARLENE CAMPBELL: Can we help save Gaits to Success?

Gaits to Success in Kiln is closing. How sad for the people who use this facility.

I have been to Gaits and observed the joy on the children's and young adults' faces as they ride around the ring. I've seen their motor skills improve and their confidence grow.

If people could go out and see the dedication of the manager and volunteers and know their happiness at each small success of these young people, you would know how important Gaits is.

There is a young man with a disability who has been coming to Gaits for 17 years, and it is a huge part of his life. People coming for therapeutic riding lessons pay nothing. This comes from donations.

Other than Gaits to Success, the nearest therapeutic riding facility is in Louisiana. What a loss for everyone. It would be wonderful if Gulf Coast corporations could band together and sponsor Gaits.

Please think of the many people who have been helped over the past 25 years.