Letters to the Editor

J. ALLEN MASON: Please spare us from roadway hazards

With the tragic accident on U.S. 49 and Mississippi 53 last week, which is still much too fresh in our minds, I feel obligated to call attention to a potential problem on Mississippi 53 at the upcoming interchange being constructed at Canal Road.

The construction crew has fought through much adversity to have this almost completed, but there is a major concern in the eastbound lane as you approach Canal Road from the west.

They have used all of the old roadway for left-turn lanes and for the westbound lane at the intersection. When vehicles approach the intersection, this will force the eastbound lane off the old main roadway and onto the new -- and I must say -- poorly constructed roadbed traveling east.

This section of road is uneven, unlevel, and it has many dips and ripples that will only get worse when the already heavy truck traffic continues to wear the new roadbed down, and it will create an even more hazardous condition in months to come.

When possible, please spare us future hazards, rather than add to them.