Letters to the Editor

RICHARD E. CREEL: The Confederate flag doesn't belong on government grounds

A recent Letter to the Editor, "Don't drop a perfectly good flag" (Feb. 10), argued for keeping our current state flag.

I have three problems with that letter:

First, the author concedes that the Confederate battle flag, which is incorporated in the Mississippi state flag, was used "in the past to foment racial tension," implying that it is no longer used that way -- which is false. It is still a favorite flag of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

Second, the author says the Confederate battle flag was merely used "to delineate between Union and Confederate troops in the field so that artillery would not shell their own troops."

But that amounted to the Confederate soldiers saying, "Hey, we're the folks fighting to save slavery, so don't shell us!"

Third, the author says, "Let's not use PC to get rid of a perfectly good flag." I find it amusing when people on the right make fun of people on the left for striving to be politically correct.

There is just as much PC going on to the right as to the left.

If you're on the right, you'd better be PC when you talk to others on the right about abortion, immigration, taxes, gun ownership and the Confederate battle flag.

I say fly the Confederate battle flag high -- whether by itself or incorporated in a state flag -- at the Beauvoir estate and other appropriate places, but not on government property.