Letters to the Editor

JOHN WETZEL: Don't get rid of perfectly good flag

An article in the Sun Herald recently revealed that the NAACP is asking two coastal counties to take down the state flag.

Their contention is that the "battle" flag in the left hand corner of the flag is racist, and therefore the flag should not be flown.

While it's true that some radical groups have used this flag in the past to foment racial tension, the flag itself is not the official flag of the Confederacy. The battle flag was made to delineate between Union and Confederate troops in the field so that artillery would not shell their own troops.

This flag has been used for over a hundred years simply to indicate territory below the Mason-Dixon line and the state flag of Mississippi is a truly beautiful flag. There is an initiative going around titled Initiative 58, which is a petition to have the state keep our present State flag. You can sign up over at the courthouse in Gulfport. We have enough political correctness in our country now; let's not use PC to get rid of a perfectly good flag.


Long Beach