Letters to the Editor

HARRY R. HULL JR: Do the research before voicing an opinion

With obvious delight, syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts reports the indictment of two persons involved in the secret videos of various Planned Parenthood officials in his "For Planned Parenthood, justice seldom gets more poetic" column (Jan. 31).

Mr. Pitts, who sometimes seems to let his idealism lead him to conclusions not sufficiently supported by reality, states that an investigation by FactCheck.org and the actions of the grand jury affirm the videos were deceptively edited. I have no idea what went on in the grand jury, but, as we might suspect, there are other sources that reach opposite conclusions.

Your readers might be interested in following the actions of a number of public interest law firms involved in suing Planned Parenthood and/or in representing the Center for Medical Progress and personnel involved in the videos: the American Center for Law and Justice (Jay Alan Sekulow, chief counsel); the Life Legal Defense Foundation (Paul Blewett Esq., president); and the Thomas More Society (Thomas Brejcha, president).

The videos increase public awareness of the inhuman barbarity perpetrated at Planned Parenthood and further the cause of defunding it. But for the advocacy of the current president and his political party, the majority will of American citizens would do just that.

The fiction that the president's party is pro-woman is increasingly challenged by many pro-life organizations, including Rachel's Vineyard and Silent No More, which heal and give vent to the poignant voice of women who have had abortions.


Pass Christian