Letters to the Editor

G.F. TAYLOR: Acknowledge our history, but let the past be the past

I was born white in the highly segregated Mississippi of the 1960s.

At least three of my ancestors fought for the CSA in the Civil War. In 1968, my father was hired by Beauvoir. He, my mother and I lived on the estate grounds until his death.

Over the years, I have made small donations to Beauvoir estate in memory of my father, and I was briefly a member of the Sons of the Confederacy. I have always been a legal resident of Mississippi, and, all things considered, I am just about as Southern as you can get.

I am not sure I would describe the Confederate battle flag as intrinsically racist, and I am not sure a city or county should refuse to fly the state flag.

But I am convinced of this: Removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Mississippi state flag is long overdue. Let relics be given every courtesy, and let them be placed in museums where they can document the past.

But let us have a new state flag -- I think the image of a magnolia blossom would be an excellent choice -- and let the past become the past.