Letters to the Editor

JERRY P. MOREAU: Move over to be a safe, defensive driver

Signs on Interstate 10 state: "Slower traffic keep right -- Mississippi law."

Louisiana has a law that states: "Left lane for passing." Every state has a similar law about driving in the left lane. Drivers who do not comply break the law, but those who exceed the speed limit also break the law. Common sense should prevail.

If you are driving the speed limit in the left lane, and there is space to move to the right lane, you should do so. It is not the duty of the driver in the left lane to administer the law to drivers who want to exceed the speed limit. Allow the speeder to pass.

If you do not move to the right lane, the speeder will often pass on the right and drive in and out of lanes creating a dangerous situation.

Suggestion: Be a good defensive driver and move to the right lane, not only to avoid road rage but for the safety of other drivers. You will be a better person for it, and then the speeder will be the only lawbreaker.