Letters to the Editor

JOHN KUNELLIS: Don't let fear, terrorism define your existence

Terrorism: A hot button word that results in a nationally alarmed and passionate reaction.

Most Americans have a visceral response to news of terrorist attacks. Many are willing to go to extreme measures in reaction to terrorism and suffer extreme costs to eradicate it.

Terrorist attacks are a surprise, small and intended to have a broader political effect than the actual injuries to attack victims. When you count those who are actually "terrorized" by these attacks, the list of victims both injured and terrorized is much greater than the list of injured alone.

Terrorism is not new. It has been employed by belligerents for millennia. It works. The chances of eradicating terrorism are really nonexistent. When I hear calls for a military solution to terrorism, I know this is a solution that will never work. As long as the militarily weak are aggrieved, there will be those who resort to terrorism to affect change for a status quo.

Civilized societies must work toward more effective, nonviolent ways to resolve conflict. For this to really work, the victor with the spoils must be brought to the table to address grievances. Cynic that I am, I have little faith that this solution could ever come to pass.

Therefore, I'm resolved to live with terrorism as a facet of the human condition. For me, the trick is not to let myself be terrorized. In other words, two sneak attack gunners are not going to make me change my life.

I will not be afraid.