Letters to the Editor

CAROL ANN SIMMONS: Invest in schools, not government broadband

Your newspaper recently published two columns (Jan. 3, Jan. 10) that discussed taxpayer investment in government-run broadband networks.

After reading both of these columns, it's clear our state and local officials should proceed with caution when it comes to building and operating networks that would compete against the private sector.

David Williams outlined the various government networks that have failed around the country. Each of these cases is true, and when these networks failed, they left taxpayers holding the debt.

I agree with Williams who argued state lawmakers should invest the $100 million they've planned to spend on a Gulf Coast government broadband network in our underfunded public school systems instead.

That's the proper role for the state government, and government-owned broadband is too great of a risk for the Gulf Coast when the private sector is already making these investments here.