Letters to the Editor

DICK VERMEULEN: Trump can lead US with a firm, fair hand

What do you expect from a president? In my view, I expect that person to represent the United States as the leader of our country by being a firm but fair president. I expect that person to treat other nations with respect, no matter how big or small and to expect the same from them.

Our friends know who they are, and we should know who they are. In that way, we should not coddle our adversaries or bow down to them. We should let it be known exactly who they are to us and that we do not want it this way. We do not want conflicts, but we are prepared for any action if it becomes necessary.

Continuing to watch North Korea and Iran play with us and get deals every time they do their saber rattling is crazy. No, we shouldn't nuke them or do any saber rattling ourselves. We should let it be known that the sanctions will only get worse if they get worse, and they will receive our wrath if they ever start a war with us or our friends.

The way they treat us in the news is disgusting. They humiliated our sailors the other day, and we apologize and thank them for what? We did nothing wrong.

If the election comes down to choosing between Mr. Trump, Mr. Sanders or Hillary Clinton, I think the answer is clear.

Mr. Trump is my choice.


Ocean Springs