Letters to the Editor

DONNA A. COX: We need a business-savvy candidate

There are many things to blame for Flint's poverty rate of more than 40 percent as well as the poverty over the rest of the country.

Three of them are the unions, NAFTA and OUR government. Between the three, they caused a lot of the automobile industry and big businesses to leave Michigan and the United States.

Read the sticker on most automobile windshields (and everything else). Most of today's cars include parts manufactured in foreign countries. This bubbled up after NAFTA became law.

I remember way back then saying to myself that it would only come to no good. Our government said the reason for NAFTA was so we would send all of our junk manufacturing out of the country, BUT WE would keep all of the high-tech manufacturing here in the U.S. Ha-ha.

So much for our caring government that does not know how to run a "government for the people and of the people."

A socialist government we have, and now we need someone who knows how to run a business and a "government for the people and of the people."