Letters to the Editor

CAMORS C. ROTH: ABC is a state agency that has fermented too long

In an efficient and logical business model, what purpose does the Alcohol Beverage Control need to serve other than to issue licenses to sellers, with the purpose of licensing only being a fulfillment of the tax collecting process and to see that minors are not sold alcoholic beverages?

In a free market system, if grocery stores or drug stores want to sell liquor and wine they should be allowed to do so. In the same context, liquor and wine stores should be able to sell whatever other products they wish to sell. All sellers would be competing on product offering, service and convenience to the consumer.

Neither the ABC nor the Legislature should be involved in how the free market responds to consumer demands or function as morality police.

As for the ABC being in the warehouse and distribution business, this too is an unnecessary, expensive and very inefficient business model. The state can exit the distribution and still retain the net sales tax revenue (net tax revenue being the total taxes received on liquor sold less the total cost of operating the distributing system). There would also be a gain to the state by selling or leasing assets related to the distribution business.

We have far more significant issues to address in our state than to be consuming time and resources in maintaining an outdated and unnecessary regulatory system.


Bay St. Louis