Letters to the Editor

BOB USEY: US humiliation, gift to Iran both bothersome

The recent seizure of an American vessel by the Iranians that "supposedly wandered off course" into Iranian waters ought to make every American disgusted by the spectacle that occurred as the whole world watched the United States being humiliated.

I do not know what the "military rules of engagement" were for such a situation, so I will leave it to the United States military's investigative team to make a determination about what did or did not occur and what the appropriate response should have been, if anything different.

What does bother most people and should bother any patriotic American is that our sailors were "paraded" for the world to see, being humiliated while kneeling on the deck of their vessel with their hands behind their heads as though they were common criminals. I am sure that Iranian weapons were being pointed at their heads to coerce a so-called apology.

Within the last few days, preparations are being made by the Obama administration -- headed by John Kerry -- to finalize the approximately $150 billion gift to the Iranian government of your hard-earned tax dollars.

Just remember, the next time that you file your income taxes keep a big smile on your face as you will have the satisfaction of knowing your hard-earned money will go to help out the Iranians who have pledged to destroy Israel and our total way of life in the United States.