Letters to the Editor

JOHN KUNELLIS: Keep the bad music at bay

I'm writing in hopes that you will share a few words with your readers about a subject that has become a grave danger to the well-being of millions of Americans. That danger is bad music!

In recent years, television networks have aired a series of singing talent shows. These shows have subjected millions to musical violence. Countless citizens sit, night after night, rapt by the sound of musical tune terrorism. Not even our children are safe.

Every year, good Americans, like my wife, are radicalized by musical violence. She can't wait to tune in to the next talent show. When these shows are off, she listens to reruns on her iPad. Folks, how many more good Americans do we have to lose to bad music?

There ought to be a law! Where are the programming sensors when our people need to be protected?

There will come a time, all too soon, when it will be too late to ever hear Mozart, Beethoven or Bach. If these talent shows are not put to a stop, there is a dark age of music coming.