Letters to the Editor

JIMMY MILLER: Small business owners are not to blame for US debt

I am writing in response to Mr. Crawford's recent article regarding the Bush-era tax cuts (Dec. 20).

Based on your comments, it is apparent you have never owned or operated a small business. Please allow me to share with you how it works:

n In reality, people don't own a business. The business owns them.

n There is never any escape. Even with the best of employees, whatever happens -- whether good or bad -- is the responsibility of the owner.

n We work tirelessly. We rise and start work before most have had their first cup of coffee. We stop at the time of rest.

n We cherish making payroll at a time when we actually have the cash to do such.

n We are bombarded with regulation after regulation with barely enough time to focus on the intricate details associated with such.

n There is a "billboard lawyer" sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the moment we make a mistake, which gives them the opportunity to leverage the economics of a trial versus a "go away" payment from our insurance company.

n Our time is focused on retaining a stable workforce, keeping employees safe, making a profit and cash. We give each of those equal priority.

n We choose to invest, grow and take on more debt through continual pay raises, bonuses and health insurance.

Mr. Crawford, we are the backbone of America.

I agree this country is in debt, but I assure you business owners didn't cause it!