Letters to the Editor

J. ALLEN MASON: Fond memories accompanied Brett Favre's jersey retirement

Watching the retirement ceremony of Brett Favre's jersey on Nov. 26 brought back many pleasant memories. I was especially touched by the embrace between Brett and Bart Starr.

The year that Brett led Green Bay to the Super Bowl, I lived in Birmingham, Ala. I traveled frequently by air, and I made a number of flights with Bart Starr.

I recall one particular trip to Tampa when Mr. and Mrs. Starr's seats were across the aisle from me, and I found that they were being flown to Tampa to attend the televised Monday night game between the Packers and Tampa Bay. We struck up a conversation about Brett because Brett's great-grandfather was our ice man in Gulfport when I was a kid.

What I recall most was the genuine friendship that existed between Brett and Bart Starr. That night, he shared with those of us on the flight how much he and the Packer organization loved and appreciated what Brett had done for the Packers. He gave Brett total credit for the resurrection of the Packer program, and he shared how much Brett's love for the game and how he played had meant to all who knew him.

Their genuine love for each other was evident in their embrace at midfield.