Letters to the Editor

ALVA PRITCHARD JR: By the way, most liberals are Democrats

I am constantly amazed, but not surprised, as I read about liberals trashing conservatives in the Sun Herald via Sound Off.

Obviously, these people want to remain anonymous. Can't say that I blame them. Writing a Letter to the Editor means that the author's name is required. Their attacks come from the cover of darkness.

So, what is conservatism? Conservatives strongly believe in God, family, personal freedom, love of our country, small government and the sanctity of our constitution, as written by our founding fathers. Our founders rightly relied on the guidance of God as they wrote our constitution. Liberals think that the constitution is a secular, ever-changing document. Not true! Our Founding Fathers constantly referred to "The Divine Providence" as their guidance while writing our constitution. A strong belief in God guided our leaders throughout the founding of our country.

So, what is liberalism? Liberals believe in big government. They believe our rights come from the government, that the government should play a big part in all our lives. Liberals and are now pushing for "income equality." What does that mean? It means that the government should take money (taxes) from the productive people and give it to the unproductive people, thereby making us all financially equal. Hard work would get you nowhere. so why work hard, or at all?

The government will take care of us anyhow. Problem is, socialism has never worked long term. The Soviet Union collapsed after only 70 years. That was the longest any socialist country has survived. And liberals want this for America? And by the way, most liberals are Democrats.

The 4 steps of liberalism are these: liberalism, socialism, Marxism, and communism. Do any of these appeal to you?

I thought not, except for some of you Sound Off writers!