Letters to the Editor

LELAND R. KENDRICK: Vote based on the facts

As a physician and concerning Initiative 42, I am for education, and I have spent my life learning and enjoying pharmacy and medicine and am still learning every day.

We need our teachers, and I have great respect for them. The best teacher cannot teach someone who is not willing to learn or does not get help at home. I am against Initiative 42; it has too much disinformation. Mississippi already has a constitution to properly fund our schools. Initiative 42 would take away the power of our elected representatives, taxpayers and teachers.

It would give lawyers a boom to be able to sue our state for their personal gain.

That is an affront to the great lawyers in our state. I, for one, am not willing to give away the power of this great state's citizens to a judge to make decisions for me. I pay too many taxes to give away my vote. We all want to better our schools, and I am willing to discuss the issue with anyone who says our state is last in the nation on education.

Look up facts, not hearsay. More money will not help if students won't listen. It's not the fault of our great teachers.

We the parents and grandparents also have a responsibility to help and support our teachers to educate our children.

We the people have already given away too much of our power to the Judicial branch that cannot be trusted to properly interpret our constitution and not twist things around to suit their view.

Understand this: Too many of our service men and women have died to keep our country free. God bless them. Don't give away your vote on important issues. I thank God for our wonderful country, so vote to keep our personal rights. Vote against Initiative 42.