Letters to the Editor

CAROLINE NIOLET: Ignore the politicians and vote for the children

As a parent, a Republican and a taxpaying voter who moved to Mississippi for the great public schools, I'll be voting yes on Initiative 42.

Lies from the anti-education crowd can be confusing, but one action has shown me how little our leaders care for our children.

My son's special education teachers do amazing work with limited resources. But politicians ignored the pleas of special needs advocates and enacted a voucher system -- useless to 99.5 percent of the state's special education students. Vouchers help very few students, but they allow politicians to bask in a false impression of benevolence. Vouchers give no money to public special education, instead sending it to a handful of private schools.

Meanwhile, our most delicate children all over Mississippi are in overcrowded rooms, need qualified teachers and are missing out on therapies.

Now that parents and teachers plead for adequate funding for all public schools, politicians again operate behind a façade of half-truths.

Why don't our leaders want to help public schools? Because they need that money for self-serving causes.

Think about how our leaders have treated special education, which provides a quality of life as well as an education for our special children. If politicians are willing to sacrifice that, of course they won't act in the best interest of all our children.

Politicians who argue against Initiative 42 are only interested in one thing -- themselves.


Ocean Springs