Letters to the Editor

BOB USEY: Thomas Blanton is the obvious choice

Thomas Blanton, a candidate for Public Service Commissioner, brought the suit against Mississippi Power for increasing your monthly electricity bill by 18 percent.

The decision and message of the state Supreme Court on the suit by Blanton was fast and specific: "Return the ill-gotten money to the rate payer, businesses and everyday Mississippians alike." Thanks to Thomas Blanton.

As a conservative and former Republican state senator and former president of the Republican State Officials Association of the Mississippi Republican Party, I can tell you that the election of the next Public Service Commissioner is one of the most important elections Tuesday.

Thomas Blanton, as a private citizen, got both you and I our rebate from Mississippi Power Company, and you can bet that as the next Public Service Commissioner, he will get you another rebate and protect business persons and the ordinary Mississippians who are struggling to make ends meet.