Letters to the Editor

CHARLIE MACKEY CLARK: David Venus offers accountability, transparency

Based on the incumbent's record as revealed by the Sun Herald, I have decided to cast my Jackson County District 4 supervisor vote for a fresh voice: Independent David Venus.

According to the Sun Herald (Oct. 15), the current Jackson County Supervisors have presided over a number of unresolved issues. A look at their track record:

n A complete and long-standing lack of meaningful supervision of the financially bankrupt Singing River Health System.

n The prevalence of "long executive-session board meetings that are closed to the public" have occurred.

n The failure to properly investigate cost-effectiveness/environmental trade-offs of plans to control the Pascagoula River. As another supervisor candidate remarked, "Why they want it and why they didn't investigate the negative impact on the county before giving their official support, I don't understand."

Nor do I. In fact, it leads me to ask: What are Jackson County supervisors paid for if they clearly fail to supervise?

Enough. In spite of campaign coffers exceeding more than 10 times those of his competitor, the incumbent cannot mask the above record. It's about time for the accountability, transparency and common sense that David Venus, independent, offers the District 4 voters of Jackson County.


Ocean Springs